The Art of Barter: When Money Has No Meaning

You See the Precedent Throughout History. A Collapse of the Government, Economy or Catastrophic Disaster Can Make Money a Thing of the Past. In many undeveloped...

The Chemistry, Physics and Science of Food Preservation

Whether you call it pickling, canning or jarring there’s more to food preservation than a recipe  Many people engage in canning and pickling foods.  Everything from...

How to Make Pioneer Candies and Treats

When There Was No Candy Store You Had to Improvise A sweet tooth is nothing new.  Candy has been a favorite going back to when primitive peoples first discovered the...

Wood Stove Vs Pellet Stove: Which One is Right for You?

Both Types of Stoves Have Advantages and Disadvantages.  Here’s How to Weigh the Options. The idea of wood heat is appealing to many people.  In many ways it...

10 Ways to Maximize the Heat from Your Wood-Burning Stove Across the Whole House

Wood-stoves are Space Heaters.  Here’s How to Get the Heat into Those Hard to Reach Places. Many of us enjoy the warm, direct heat of a wood burning stove. ...

Home Solar Power 101

Here’s What You Need to Know About Home Solar Power and How to Get Started How many of us think solar power is a good idea but just never seem to get around to...

Natural Materials You Can Use in Place of Goose Down

When it Comes to Insulation, Goose Down is the Champ.  Here’s How to Find Natural Substitutes that are Just as Good. There’s a reason Goose Down is found in so...

How to Restore Early American Lumber and Carpentry Tools

It’s Time to Get Those Antiques Off the Walls and Back into Our Hands Believe it or not, there was a time with no power tools.  Everything was done by hand and the...

Mastering the Craft of Making Jerky

It’s Not Just for Beef Anymore.  Here’s How to Explore the Jerky World. It’s hard to say where and when jerky originated.  We’ve been drying food for...

8 Ways to Turn Tin Cans into a Kitchen

Hobos Mastered the Craft of Tin Can Cookery and You Can Too. It’s one thing to forage in the wilderness for wild foods, but...

Clearing the Smoke on How to Smoke Fish, Game and All Manner of Meat

by | November 26, 2018

Smoke Cooking is an Ancient Food Preservation Method but Today It’s All About Flavor. The first foods to be successfully smoked were probably the result of a happy accident over a smoldering fire.  In ancient times food never went to waste even if it looked burnt and overly done.  Imagine the surprise of someone who […]

The Importance of Learning Primitive Communication Methods When No Phone Will Work and the Internet is Crashed

by | November 20, 2018

If the grid crashes there are more ways to be left in the dark than you think. We hear it all the time.  “Don’t worry about the Internet if the grid goes down.  The Internet was designed to survive thermonuclear war.”  Unfortunately, the original design of the Internet was based on conventional, hard-wire phone lines […]

Eat Your Trees: How to Wild Forage from the Largest Plants in the Forest

by | November 13, 2018

When you wild forage you tend to look down to the ground, but maybe it’s time to look up and eat your trees. If you know what to look for you can find a virtual bounty of wild foods in fields and forests.  But our focus always tends to be on plants underfoot.  There are […]

Survival Foods Explorers, Native People and Our Pioneer Ancestors Depended On.

by | October 22, 2018

Refrigeration was unheard of and food preservatives were few and far between, but somehow our ancestors managed to survive and thrive. We take a lot for granted when it comes to the foods we eat.  Grocery stores are common, and food is carefully packaged, preserved and easy to store in cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.  But […]

7 Ways to Find Your Way in the Wilderness Without a Compass

by | October 9, 2018

Finding North, South, East and West is Easier Than You Think… If You Know How and Where to Look. Most of us who hunt, fish, backpack or explore the wilderness take a little time to glance at a map and carry a compass.  But sometimes we forget or get lost even in the most familiar […]

Where To Find Water In The City When There’s Not A Drop To Drink

by | October 4, 2018

When the faucets don’t work, and the toilet won’t flush, and the bathtub is a desert – here’s what to do. Life in the city can be tough.  Life in a city without water can be a whole lot tougher.  People in Flint, Michigan have lots of experience with that reality.  In fact, many parts […]



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